(pictures and gif by Maria Sappho)

Mariabrice Sapphocatherin was born in New Yorkbrussels in 199481. It is mostly active in improvisation as a pianistcellist. It met in Huddersfield in 2018, where it lives. It has worked together on various new music works and art performances by Émilie Girard Charest and Outi Condit and also other people. It also collaborated on a visual art project called Edible Series. Mariabrice Sapphocatherin has then been working on a non-piece for any performer playing any instrument and it is called Watching Paint Dry, as well as a number of new art performances for Laurent Estoppey, themselves, and various other people.
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2018 - Edible Series;
2019 - Watching Paint Dry;
2019 - Développer l'enveloppe;
2019 - O Mensch, bewein dein künstliche Schwindsucht groß;
2019 - Série patriarcale ;

2018 - Edible Series

Edible Series is a collection of 100 tattoos realised with homemade instruments on artisanal paper. It was commissioned by Laurent Estoppey for his art publication Envelop/p/e. It can be seen as a gif on top of this page, or also here.


2019 - Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry, 2019, for any soloist. Duration: free. Co-composed by Brice Catherin and Maria Sappho. The piece has two movements. In movement 1, the soloist paints on a large piece of paper using acrylic and/or India ink. In movement 2, the soloist improvises following strictly parameters that depend on how the paint and the water dry. The piece finishes when the painting is completely dry. It has been commissioned by Käthi Gohl-Moser.


2019 - Développer l'enveloppe

Développer l'enveloppe is a performance for Laurent Estoppey, designed for the release event of Envelop/p/e in Lausanne, Switzerland, in June 2019. Soon, Laurent will publish all the texts and the pictures that have been realised by the participants here. Meanwhile, you can listen to Laurent's experimental ambiant music here, and read the instructions below.


2019 - O Mensch, bewein dein künstliche Schwindsucht groß

A piece for organ commissioned by Stephen Farr and eventually premièred and recorded by Henry McPherson (organ) with Mariabrice Sapphocatherin (assistants). Below are two versions with Maria Sappho, Katie Oswell and myself in different combinations.


2019 - Série patriarcale

100 tattoos on paper using two hundred words from Cléa Chopard's Figures du patriarcat. The cards led to an art performance, a video and an upcoming exhibition. You can also buy them by the unit.