Sometimes my work, or Mariabrice Sapphocatherin's, or the Noisebringers', is featured in exhibitions.

monographic exhibitions
collective exhibitions

monographic exhibitions

It could be better is a transdisciplinary project by the Association de Malfaiteurs and the Noisebringers, with Afulodidim Nikefolosi and their guests, that took place at Analix Forever (Switzerland) from the 8 January to the 21 February 2024. It involved:

Jonathan O’Hear (installations, performances, co-creation)
Brice Catherin (installations, performances, co-creation)
Maria Sappho (installations, performances, co-creation)
Henry McPherson (installations, performances, co-creation)
Afulodidim Nikefolosi (installations, performances, co-creation)

Guests: Anonymous sex workers (CH), Victor Sebastiao da Silva (CH), Chimbwaka Ellah Simwanza (Zambia), Kaluba Champo (Zambia), Nikias Imhoof (CH).

It could be better makes rare or unheard voices audible by initiating and presenting artistic collaborations with marginalised or silenced people who do not usually enjoy the privilege of accessing stages, galleries and publications. These people, some of them artists, come from very different cultures, social classes, generations and professional practices. Two of the commonalities that bind them are:

1) their willingness to share art and/or stories that rarely find a place in the Global North cultural landscape;

2) a common desire to collaborate to imagine, together, new forms to share this art and these stories.

The quick video tour (guided by Mwendajangula) is visible above.
The full tour of the exhibitions is available below:

October 2022, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva (CH): AiiA festival was the exhibition of Brice Catherin, Maria Sappho, Cléa Chopard, Qondiswa James and Raymond MacDonald put together with Chimère the AI. See more here.

October 2021, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva (CH): AiiA festival was the exhibition Mariabrice, Cléa Chopard and Joël Maillard put together with Chimère the AI. See more here.

May 2021, Galerie Analix, Geneva (CH): Is the new punk was the Noisebringers' first monographic exhibition. See more here for the context, and here for the works.

March 2020, Dai Hall, Huddersfiel (UK): Stick N' Poke was Mariabrice Sapphocatherin's first monographic exhibition. See more here.


collective exhibitions

March - 29 February — 1 May 2024, Analix Forever, Geneva (CH): Mariabrice Sapphocatherin's Blend was part of the exhibition 'an ecology of images' and is now in permanent display at the gallery.

16th - 24th of May 2023, CPNV, Yverdon (CH): The exhibition envelop/p/e #2 showed Edible Series, Mariabrice's very first project in 2018. See it all here.

24th of February - 13th of March 2022, le Commun, Geneva (CH): The exhibition Danse(in), récits de migration showed all my intermedia portraits of refugees in Geneva. The series is called It could have been worse and is also visible (in French) here.

July 2021, espace libre Visarte, Biel (CH): le festival des échecs invited Brice Catherin and Cléa Chopard to send some poems from their book Rhododendron Normal. See more here.

May - July 2021, Monflanquin (FR): Pétages de Plombs, curated by Laurent Lolmède, show an illustration by Brice Catherin. See more here.

October 2020, Athens (GR): the new together, curated by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou, featured a large video installation by the Noisebringers and Tim Tsang. See more here.

May 2019, USA/Switzerland: Envelop/p/e #2, curated by Laurent Estoppey, featured Mariabrice's first paper tattoo series. See here for context, and here for the work.