Electroacoustic deck chairs

Brice Catherin, concept, engineering and interpretation;
Thierry Simonot, interpretation.

The electroacoustic deck chairs, as one can see on the pictures, are a new kind of acousmonium. The deck chairs are incrusted with two speakers in the back that play and massage at the same time. Four small speakers are placed around the head and two series of piezos are hidden in the security belt. Four bigger speakers are placed all around the group of chairs.

This installation allows the audience to listen to multi tracks electroacoustic works and spatialized stereo works, and permits the development of a very intimate relationship to the sound thanks to the proximity of the small speakers and the massaging speakers at the back of the chair. Nevertheless the option of a powerful sound is still available thanks to the big speakers around the group of chairs.

To this day, the following composers have been played in the electroacoustic deck chairs: Brice Catherin, Pierre Henry, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Yannis Xenakis.

Photos from the LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival) in October 2013. ©LUFF