(photos and gif by Maria Sappho)

Cléa Chopard testifies:

Brice forces me to write poems
While he drinks his coffee (with sugar)
And chats on Whatsapp with his girlfriends
(Or his exes)
But he's still the one writing the punchlines.

2019 - Rhododendron normal;
2019 - Série Patriarcale;
2019 - Mushrooms;
2020 - un port une femme my head ukwibukisha half cup sugar
2020 - Three samples of Cléa Chopard
2020 - Eternal Flowers

2019 - Rhododendron normal

Rhododendron normal is a collection of failed poems and illustrations in progress by Cléa Chopard and Brice Catherin. Since August 2019, Mon Lapin Quotidien publishes some of them. We might translate some of them in English at some point. Maybe.

Poème raté XXXII

Il suffit qu'un.e ho.fe.mme* s'intéresse à moi
Pour que je tombe fo.u.lle amoureu.x.se de lui.elle*.
Qu'ille me quitte ou me rejette ;
Je reste inconsolable.
(Les auteur.e.s)

Inventaire à la Prévert raté II

À 14 ans j’ai commencé à me scarifier
À 15 ans j’ai commencé à avoir des troubles alimentaires
À 16 ans j’ai fait ma première tentative de suicide
À 17 ans, comme chaque année, j’ai brillamment réussi ma scolarité
À 18 ans j’ai fait mes tentatives de suicide suivantes
Ou c’était peut-être à 19 ans
À 20 ans j’ai essayé de devenir gothique
À 21 ans j’étais sûre que j’allais mourir avant mes 25 ans mais je n’avais rien fait de ma vie
À 25 ans j’étais toujours en vie.
À 30 ans aussi.

Cléa Chopard by Brice Catherin
Some of the poems are read and audible on the Jet FM website by clicking on "27 mars".


2019 - Série Patriarcale

100 tattoos on paper using two hundred words from Cléa Chopard's Figures du patriarcat. The cards led to an art performance, a video and an upcoming exhibition. You can also buy them by the unit. See here.


2019 - Noisebringers 3

Cléa Chopard wrote a performance for Noisebringers (Maria Sappho + Henry McPherson + Brice Catherin) that doesn't have a title. It has been performed during Noisebringer no3 in Huddersfield in December 2019. Watch it here.


2020 - un port une femme my head ukwibukisha half cup sugar

(The Noisebringers + Cléa Chopard + Sumani, 2020)

A podcast by the Noisebringers, Cléa Chopard and Sumani. Listen to is on the Decamera website or the radio Dordogne website.


2020 - Three samples of Cléa Chopard

An intermedia portrait of Cléa Chopard by herself and Brice Catherin published in the August issue of The Mass.


2020 - Eternal Flowers

A series in five episodes by Brice Catherin, Cléa Chopard and Cynthia Udriot.