2020 - Covid trips

Together with Colin Frank, we made a series of photos during the first two covid lock-downs (2020). It was published in the Cerenem Journal. Here's what Colin wrote about the project:

'Interspersed throughout this issue are photographs that Brice Catherin and I took during this past summer and autumn. We decided to pin each photo onto Google Maps at a location closest to where it was taken. By connecting each spot in Google’s route planner, based on the photos’ consecutive order from the start to end of this journal, we created a journey that traverses across England and Scotland, to Geneva, and with an additional stop in Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Each unique site that the object is placed at enhances, estranges, or conceals the object, resultantly imbuing the series with mysteriousness. I feel that the photos subtly speak to the multifaceted nature of the situation across the past few months as well as Brice and I’s independent, multinational experiences of it.'