Instrumental and art installations by Bristophe: the Bristophone and Ostriches.

le Bristophone

Bristophe (Brice Catherin and Christophe Schweizer),
concept, engineering and interpretation;

After having declared it could play all the instruments of the world, and, indeed, after having played the cello, the double bass, the trombone, the tuba, the sousaphone, the alphorn, the clarinet, the recorders, the guitar, the erhu, the piano, the harpsichord, the clavichord, the church organ, the electronic, the percussions, toys and objects, buildings, and much more that I forgot, Bristophe decided to climb a step and build its own instrument. The bristophone shall be a string instrument, a wind, a keyboard, a percussion, with, of course, electronic options. It shall be built partly with traditional craftsmanship techniques, and partly with an experimental craftsmanship. It shall be noble and shall include salvaged materials. It shall stand at a place but shall be able to sound in other places. It shall be gigantic and refined at the same time. The music of the bristophone shall be enchanting and bewitching.

Bristophone #3 (24th of February 2012) - 10 seconds taken every 5 minutes:

Photos of the Bristophone #3 at the Motel Campo, Geeva, on the 24th of February 2012, by Mathias.



Conception and realisation: Bastien Gachet, Mélissa Tun Tun and Bristophe (Brice Catherin + Christophe Schweizer)
Music : Bristophe

Ostriches is a musical installation by Bastien Gachet and Mélissa Tun Tun (graphic artists) in collaboration with Brice Catherin and Christophe Schweizer (musicians). One or more "musical boxes" are inserted in an exhibition for one listener at the time (who sneaks his head inside it), and offer to the successive listeners a moment out of time and space. A sweet musical moment in the Ostriches. Therefore, the listener, who is visible by the other visitors of the museum, becomes an element of the installation, and thus of the museum. He enters the museum.

Ostriches can also be a pedagogical workshop for composers, graphic artists and/or adult amateurs.

Ostriches at the MAMCO (1st of September 2013) - report (in French):

Ostriches at the MAMCO (1st of September 2013) - technical demo (in French):

Pictures of the Ostriches at the MAMCO (1st of September 2013) by Fabio Visone.