(photo by Rob McDougall)


Concept and performance: Anna Benzakoun and Brice Catherin.

With Off-Topic, pianist Anna Benzakoun and cellist Brice Catherin propose to traditional recital to take a step aside. The two musicians bring together their audience in a poetic journey where each destination is a surprise, an unexpected moment, an off-topic experience. "If we took a step aside, we’d see what we never see." (Year 01)

In this journey, works by Ravel, Ustvolskaya, Bosshard and Catherin are combined with improvisations. The piano, the cello, the synthesiser and the performers’ voice play, sing and narrate poems by Charlie Schlingo and Mai Mitourich. An electroacoustic work by Patricia Bosshard is presented between a short extract of the Holly Mountain, a video game by David OReilly and the picture of a hairy cheese by Robert Gober.

Built like a kung-fu movie shot by Tarkovski, Off-Topic features explosions, street fights and car chases, but it nevertheless takes the time to listen and to contemplate.