(Photo de Sam Eastmond je pense.)

Je vais laisser la parole à Sam Eastmond lui-même :

"Outrageous solo cello interpretations of Gulgoleth music. Chamber music for twisted, warped and esoteric minds.
A brand new set of music including an outrageous long form exploration and previously unrecorded tunes, this is weird, difficult and personal.

I met Brice in Union Division, he blew me away with his approach and sound. Having him work on this has been a real blast.
He turned the music on its head and made me think about it in new ways. (Apart from frequent complaints about the cello being too romantic, too which I can only reply ‘well you picked it motherfucker’)

So here’s a brand new set of music. Dig in. Or don’t. I said it was weird right?"

Gulgoleth: Solo Works feat. Brice Catherin est disponible sur Bandcamp.