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the Symphonie on stage
the Symphonie on paper

the Symphonie on stage

An intermedia and collective work for any number of musicians (but at least 15) by Brice Catherin (composition and coordination), Mélissa Garcia Carro (video), Irene Gil Lopez (art installation), Emilia Giudicelli (video) and Manon Parent (performance art).

Programme notes:

I believe the Symphonie pour une Femme Seule lays the foundations of a new aesthetic I’d like to describe as “extravagant minimalism”. It is like a long, quiet walk in the mountain on a fresh but sunny day, alongside a person you love. This person is either by your side or in your heart, it does not matter.

Our quiet walk passes through these different landscapes, in any order:

. Bubble Seats, art installation (designed by Irene Gil Lopez);
. Seven (or more) Hammer Ladies, for Ensemble (composed by Brice Catherin);
. Four Piano Strings, part 1: on the Keyboard, for piano (composed by Brice Catherin);
. Movement IV, part 1: Verklärter Tag, for all the musicians (composed by Brice Catherin);
. Movement IV, part 2: Unknown Combination, for all the musicians (composed by Brice Catherin), happening together with le Baiser par Contagion, for all the musicians (performance art moment written by Manon Parent and directed by Ilona Krawczyk);
. Four Piano Strings, part 2: on the Strings, for piano (composed by Brice Catherin);
. , for reading voice (written by Brice Catherin);
. No Title (video by Mélissa Garcia Carro).

During the whole Symphonie, you will see, from time to time, short videos by Emilia Giudicelli. The series is called the Hypertrophied Heart.

“(…) I aspire to nothing more in this existence than getting by fine while having pleasure, that is to say, to say things with a bit more dignity, strength and elegance: the essential, plus love!” (Robert Walser)

Extracts of the premiere:

The composer's own recording of Four Piano Strings:

Manon Parent's le baiser par contagion:


the Symphonie on paper

The score? of the Symphonie pour une Femme Seule is also a collective work, with the aforementioned artists as well as many others. It serves as a score for the performers (of course), but also as a diary for my own thoughts and witty stories, as well as a platform for my friends' thoughts, images, poems and even scores. The score? was made possible thanks to Aude Barrio's talent for graphic design and patience with a certain composer. Also available online on the website of the UCLA Music Library.