A Eurocentric and Eurocentric Adjacent Worldwide Anthology of Experimental Practices During the Period 23 2243 AD

Noisebringers x

Bristophe x Xina Hawkins


Presented as a sentient archive, powered by digital presences constructed during the Virtual Partner Residency 2020, supported by the Goethe Institute.

As you browse the archive, you may be drawn or compelled to play different media simultaneously; this is categorised under acceptable use of the archive. As you proceed, do not be alarmed if the resident digital presences make decisions for you, or redirect you based on your indicated interests.

Care has been taken to embed appropriate escape channels into the archive in case of hysteria or near psychological collapse. If you find yourself in either condition, please hit PANIC, to be redirected to a place of safety.

All beings and sentient entities depicted in the documents of this archive are entirely real. Any resemblence to beings or sentient entities living, dead or presumed dead may or may not be coincidental. Any references to common temporalities (ie. years, days, etc.) are also real. Works dated from beyond the current static timeline (ie. “our” time) have been collected and presented here in advance of their creation.

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